Health and Healing Conference

April 28-30, 2023

This year’s Health and Healing Conference is actually two conferences in one!
Our daytime sessions focus on HEALTH, and our evening sessions breakthrough HEALING.
Healing is for those who are sick. Teaching from the Word and the Laying on of Hands can release healing grace, releasing us from sickness and disease.
Health is about stewardship. Once healing is obtained, now we have the responsibility to maintain that health. With Holy Spirit insight and understanding of how God has designed our bodies to function, not only can healing be found, but health can be maintained… for a lifetime!
3 John verse 2 – Above all things I desire you to prosper and BE IN HEALTH, as your soul prospers.


Katie Souza
Dr. John Eckhardt
Skip Simonds

Health conference schedules:

Session Times: 
Friday 9:30am & 7:00pm / Saturday 9:30am & 6:00pm / Sunday 9:45am


9:30 Open Music  
10:00 Dr. John Eckhardt “Please stop putting a knife to your throat.”
10:30 Skip Simonds “The Straight Skinny”
11:00 Break Time Break Time
11:15 Dr. John Eckhardt “What you don’t know about FASTING”
11:45 Amanda Bemis “Is it REALLY food?”
12:15 ALL Q&A Panel


9:30 Open Music  
10:00 Amanda Bemis “What can I eat?”
10:20 Skip Simonds “Faith Food (for healing)”
10:40 Dr. John Eckhardt “Pillars of Health”
11:00 Amanda Bemis “Detox: An act of repentance”
11:20 Skip Simonds “Spirit Soul and Body”
11:40 Dr. John Eckhardt “Sexual sin and infirmity”
12:00 Q&A Panel Q&A Panel

Be part of the event: April 28-30, 2023

Register early to secure your spot and get a discount.

Teens 12-19$35
Children (under 12)Free
Senior PastorFree with registration


2 thoughts on “Health and Healing Conference | April 28-30, 2023”

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  2. Brenda Mc Cree-Hunte

    I am just thirsting for God’s glory, His Presence, and the inevitable Sign, Wonders and Miracles that follow/accompany this atmosphere!
    Longing to be there, to be with that glorious company of Saints, and Believing I can get there without that injection! I speak great Power of God, Awesome, Spirit filled Sessions in
    Jesus’s Name

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