Why Partner?

You can have a part in touching the world with the messages of “Sonship” and “The Father's Love”. From 'home-town USA' to the nations, hungry hearts cry out for the loving touch of our Lord. Many opportunities... mentoring and missions...conferences and clinics...giving and going!

To become a partner, download the form from the “How to Partner” page. A world of adventure awaits you!

20 Partner Values

  1. The abiding presence of the living God, and drawing close to Abba with fasting and prayer, and prophetic worship
  2. Consistent personal intimacy with Jesus our bridegroom King
  3. Strong marriages and family relationships
  4. An outward focus and vision to champion the Gospel of the Kingdom – a Gospel of prosperity, freedom, deliverance and healing
  5. An inward focus to build strong foundations of faith, obedience and personal freedom dynamics
  6. Financial peace and purpose, all I have belongs to the Lord – not just my tithe and an offering
  7. A ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude that promotes experimenting with strategies and structures and thinking ‘outside of the box’
  8. We don’t GO to church….we ARE the Church!
  9. A kingdom mindedness that refuses to divide ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’
  10. A reverence for and walking by the Word of God, both written and spoken
  11. Growing and maturing as daughters and sons of our Father- Abba
  12. That as men and women, we are partners together in the family of God, marriage and life
  13. The present day emerging/establishing of prophets and apostles and the foundational ministry they bring to the Body of Christ universal
  14. Training and equipping a rising generation as Kingdom leaders for life and ministry
  15. Being a Holy Spirit driven family of believers, flowing and partnering with Him to accomplish Christ’s mandate of doing the Father’s will
  16. Generosity as we fulfill both the Great Commandment and Great Commission
  17. Unity…working together with a right heart, knowing that no person or family can fulfill the call of God alone….we need each other
  18. Risk taking and pioneering, as we seek to make an impact in sometimes difficult endeavors and hostile regions of our world
  19. Recognizing and practicing the principle of Blessing
  20. Relevance in ministry as it pertains to our generation and culture