Vision and Mission


Vision: What you see when you close your eyes; what you see is what you will be (“as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”). What you are to become; you become what you behold - be careful what you put before your eyes.


Mission: What you feel called to do, accomplish or labor in. Mandates you are to fulfill or good works you are to produce. Actions accomplished with a specific attitude and use of varying degrees of force.

Winter Trees

Our Vision

We see an Apostolic family discipling sons and daughters to lead their generation and the nations. We see a community of believers who are Free to Worship with passion - Free to Give sacrificially - Free to Lead with humility. We are committed to establishing this 'Rising Generation' in their Kingdom Destiny -By encouraging them in the Discovery of their identity in Christ, Development of their unique giftings/callings/anointings, and Demonstration of leadership in fulfilling the great commission and great commandment.


  • To build leaders through coaching, teaching, training and discipling.
  • To build ministry teams and send them into the community, region and nations.
  • To encourage and facilitate Apostolic and Prophetic vision.
  • To release people into Kingdom freedom and abundant life.
  • To identify, develop and release sons and daughters throughout the nations.
  • To nurture, challenge and establish this Rising Generation.
  • To promote the core virtues of sonship: Vision – Courage – Honor.
  • To live in and promote a Bridal Paradigm of the Kingdom.
  • To demonstrate the Fathers Heart to the Church and the world.
  • To confront and tear down demonic strongholds over individuals, communities and regions.
  • To be true to the call. To not quit. Keep getting up…again. Stand.
  • To be a force of peace through strength in the Holy Spirit.
  • To love and serve our neighbor with gentleness and humility.
  • To walk in the love of being God’s family, and the strength of being God’s army.
  • To live our faith like the first century Church, and turn the world ‘right-side up’.


Free to Worship - Free to Give - Free to Lead


Challenging this rising generation to discover, develop, and demonstrate their unique destiny in Christ.