These phrases commonly escape her lips as she preaches…

Sarah Assefa Music Department Lead

“You can do it!” 

"Go For It"

“Go hard or go home!”

Sarah's History

She grew up in the ministry and, with her parents’ encouragement, began preaching and prophesying when she was ten years old. She began leading music at conferences and events at sixteen years old. These years serving alongside her mom and dad have established in her a confidence and boldness to do the work of the ministry. Being an exemplary model for generations, she focuses on honoring her parents in the ministry they have pioneered. Carrying an anointing that is both strong yet sweet; this girl is under authority.

Sarah's Mission

Whole-hearted love for God. Driven to encourage, she declares that we are able to walk with the Lord for all our days, not wasting time or being distracted. “He created us for Him, let us now be His.” Her message is a clear call for believers to walk in purity before the Lord and be willing to not only die for Him, but to live for Him.

On a Personal Note

Sarah is delighted to be forever attached to her husband, Petros. Together, Sarah and Patros have 1 daughter, Hannah-Joy, and 1 son, Asher.  She loves being a mother and an aunt. Sarah and her husband love children! She has an entrepreneurial spirit which led her to found her own business in 2007.

Sarah Enjoys

Preaching! Her message is all about being a whole-hearted lover of God, without compromise, exception, or apology. Her preaching style is fiery and tenacious, with a little humor mixed in.

Prophesying! She is consistently encouraging those she disciples to stir up the gifts and listen to the Holy Spirit. If there’s an open mic, she is on it, prophesying to someone through words or song.

Training! Sarah heads up the Lifeskills for Girls Classes, working with preteens and teens on subjects such as: Purity, Modesty, Courting, Being a Daughter, Cooking & Baking, Being Radical for Jesus, and Walking in Boldness. She also teaches piano and voice lessons to train singers and musicians to be confident and excellent leaders.

Some things said of her

“She hit the nail on the head”
“If you don’t want to be challenged, don’t bother hearing her preach”
“Sarah is proof you can live for God in this generation without compromising”
“Flamethrower of a preacher”
“When its my turn to be wed, I want to have a marriage like Sarah and Petros”