Dr. John Eckhardt Ministry Overseer

“Are you ready for the challenge?!” 

"Go For It"

“Go hard or go home!”

Audiences around the world agree... ‘Something shifted in me during that training session’. Why? Because Dr. John Eckhardt is a potential tapper! He is a pioneer, driven to connect with other like-minded fearless adventurers eager to push back darkness and advance the Kingdom!

Some Things Are more caught than taught

So get ready to catch leadership! When it comes to life changing/time tested truth, he doesn’t simply instruct you – he unleashes you. His confident, yet friendly communication style is both refreshing and challenging. And as each maximum producer in attendance understands the benefits of growth and change…the impact is powerful and lasting.

“I felt as though he was speaking directly to my situation.”
“Like drinking from a fire-hose!”
“I somehow sensed he understood my journey …like he has been in my shoes.”

He probably has.

As a trainer / coach john says:

Herding cats (team building)
Finding lost puzzle pieces (gift/skill/opportunity analysis)
Storming the castle (strategic planning and implementation)
Teaching the elephant to dance (coaching individuals for maximum performance)

John's Mission

‘Building leaders’. He travels extensively challenging emerging and transitioning leaders in both private and public sectors to discover and maximize their strengths. No fooling around. His formula for advancement is simple: pioneer – chisel – celebrate – launch.

On a Personal Note

John is a happy husband, father and grandpa. His wife Linda is happy, too…and his kids like him. He is a successful entrepreneur and continues to pioneer in the fields of business, higher education and ministry. Dr. Eckhardt is devoted to seeing this generation fulfill the call to leadership. Whether that leadership is expressed in business, family, ministry or government the principles to achieve maximum personal growth and impact remain the same.