Our Values

Our common values unify us, and our unique values make us different and special. Following are 10 values that define who we are, what we care about, where we go, why we sacrifice, and how we do life.

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10 Core Values

  1. Strong marriages and family relationships.
  2. An outward focus and vision to champion the Gospel of the Kingdom – a Gospel of prosperity, freedom, deliverance and healing.
  3. Financial peace and purpose – all I have belongs to the Lord, not just my tithe and an offering.
  4. The abiding presence of the living God, and drawing close to Abba with fasting and prayer, and prophetic worship.
  5. The emerging/establishing of prophets and apostles and the foundational ministry they bring to the Body of Christ.
  6. Holy Spirit driven ministry, flowing and partnering with Him to accomplish the mandates given the Church by Jesus, the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In so doing, we fulfill the Father’s will.
  7. Generosity in all that we do, whether it be serving, giving, loving…
  8. Unity, working together with a right heart, knowing that no person or family can fulfill the call of God alone – we need each other.
  9. Risk taking and pioneering, as we seek to make an impact through sometimes difficult endeavors and in hostile regions of our world.
  10. Relevance in music, message and ministry as it pertains to our generation and culture.