How to Partner with Stauron

This pathway is necessary to follow for partnership with Stauron, which is achieved through membership with the Family Christian Fellowship family/congregation.

This progression is overseen by the Pastoral Care department of Family Christian Fellowship.

Ways you can partner with Stauron

  • Partner in Giving
  • Partner in Serving / Working
  • Regional Events
  • Short Team Missions
  • Ministry Teams
  • Partner in Worship / Prayer
  • Prayer Support Team
  • Local Congregation

Membership With Family Christian Fellowship

  1. Attendance at a meeting of Family Christian Fellowship (Sun AM, events, H.S. nite…)
    • Some introductions to Leaders
    • Love and hospitality demonstrated
    • New Attender Packet’ received (‘What to Look for’ CD, Welcome Friends, coffee mug)
  2. Orientation Meeting (power-point presentation)
    • Who is Who
    • FCF/Stauron relationship (basic chart)
    • History of the Ministry
    • Vision/Mission (basic and concise)
    • 20 Shared Values – handout
    • Opportunities to be involved
    • Healing CD gift – handout
  3. Exploring the Church (3-fold purpose: informative, prep for partnering, begin assimilation)
    1. What is a ‘church’? (not a building, a family, a group with haracteristic identity) VACHONS
      • Vision/Mission (3 frees and 4 Ds)handout
      • Tenets of Faith – handout
      • Disciples and Leaders are equipped – presentation
      • Opportunities for Involvement – handout
      • Relationship/team building exercise Dream Sheets – handout (fill out at home and bring to next meeting for review)
      • CD – ‘Family’
    2. Why are you here? (to be an integral part of the vision – duh!…not for the programs!) PARSONS
      • Questionnaire on ‘Family’ CD
      • Vision/Mission Review (3 frees and 4 Ds)
      • Dream Sheets (filled out, discussed)presentation
      • Opportunities for involvement (review handout)
      • Relationship/team building exercise
      • CD – ‘Worship’
    3. The importance of Partnership and Membership HANSENS
      • Questionnaire on ‘Worship’ CD
      • Vision/Mission (3 frees and 4 Ds)
      • Articles of Membership – handout
      • Partners in the Vision brochure – handout
      • 20 Shared Values – presentation
      • Relationship/team building exercise
      • CD – ‘Giving’
    4. The bigger picture ECKHARDTS
      • Questionnaire on ‘Giving’ CD
      • Vision/Mission (3 frees and 4 Ds)
      • Org Chart – handout
      • Stauron brochure – handout
      • The Nations and multiple expressions of ministry – presentation
      • PAVE Ministries, Freedom Life Center, Media, SU, Support Services, Worship Continuum, etc
  4. Connecting with a member for purpose of Christian growth and encouragement
    • Bible study or interest group
    • Crisis help
  5. Pre-pledge meeting with pastoral care leader
    • Acknowledge any ‘red flags’
    • Faithful to the 3 Free’s (tithing, worship attendance, helps ministry)
    • Pursuing relationships
    • Questions Values embraced?
    • Eligible for Sunday PM meeting?
  • Questionnaire and review, Vision/Mission, handouts, new presentation, relationship/team building exercise, homework CD