Who Are You?

Stauron Ministries is an apostolic company of believers partnering together for Kingdom advancement.


Are you a Church?

We are a launching pad, a missions base, and a training campus. Stauron is a group of Jesus followers who are in relationship, meet together regularly, worship, pray, and encourage one another…

We also have a local church expression- Family Christian Fellowship


Where are you located?

We are an international family of believers. Our home base is in Topsham, Maine. We have ministry initiatives, and are connected in many nations, such as… Belize, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, the Philippines, etc.


Do You have a church building?

Not with a steeple…

A church building would be too traditional for us. We have what we call a ‘campus facility’. Our campus contains offices, class rooms, kitchen, conference room, library and auditorium. Our facility is available for community use, (weddings, funerals, conferences, business meetings, seminars, and classes) and is located at 655 Augusta Road, Topsham, Maine 04086.


What denomination are you?

We are a non-denominational Spirit and Word ministry.


OK…. SO IS THERE A Local Congregation Meeting I can attend?

Yes… we believe that pastoring, teaching and evangelizing are necessary ministries to our spiritual lives. So, we have an expression of ministry aimed at the southern mid-coast region of Maine that is geared toward reaching our community with the love of Jesus. This specific ministry is Family Christian Fellowship. Through the ministry of FCF we strengthen our families, enjoy pastoral & teaching ministry and extend ourselves to the community of greater Topsham, Bath, Brunswick, and Freeport, Lewiston, Lisbon, Auburn.


What do you mean by the work ‘Apostolic’?

It means we are more about advancing the cause of Christ than we are about maintaining our own comforts or the “status quo”. We are more geared to the ministry of apostles and prophets than we are pastors.  It does not mean the we are ‘Jesus only’ or ‘one-ness’ in our doctrine.  We are solidly Trinitarian in that we believe the scriptural revelation of on God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Who is the pastor of Stauron Ministries… or FCF for that matter?

Stauron is apostle/prophet led, Dr. John and Linda Eckhardt. FCF is a local congregation of families as well as new converts, and as such employs the service of a ‘team’ of pastors and pastorally minded mature believers.


What do you mean by ‘Partnering together’?

To us, you are more than a ‘sheep’ or a potential church member. You are created with purpose and seeds of leadership, success and greatness on the inside of you. Not only do we feel a corporate purpose together in ministry, but each of us individually has a unique purpose. Our strategy is to each be faithful to help another achieve success to the same degree we desire it for ourselves.

What do you mean by kingdom advancement?

Jesus taught that we are to first and foremost seek the benefit of the Kingdom and the King’s (Jesus’) righteousness. If we will do this, then a reward of ‘everything else’ will be added to our lives (Mathew 6:33). Before seeking our own benefit, we are to care more for that which Jesus is concerned. One day in the not so distant future, Jesus will physically return to this earth. He will set up His throne in Jerusalem. And we will all give an account as to how we spent this life He has entrusted to us. Was I more concerned with my personal advancement, or did I live my life to further His cause?